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Leah Aplin's web site

Leah is a poet, author and playwright. Lots of fun and bits to download.

Guide to Grammar & Writing
US site with information on grammar, punctuation and writing in general.

Alison Ashwell
A great site of another illustrator/author. Lots of excellent pictures for young and old. Be sure to check it out!

11 Rules of Writing
Concise guide to some of the most commonly violated rules of writing, grammar, and punctuation. (US)

Dottie Enderle's web site
Author web site. Dotti is a writer and storyteller. Check out her new series "The Fortune Tellers Club" and have fun playing on her site with all the interactive, "occult" games.;-)

Lots of useful links and help concerning the writing process (thesaurus, grammar & punctuation, translation etc).

Aytul Akal's web site

Aytul lives in Turkey and has written over 80 books for children. Some of them have been translated into English and are well worth a look.

Origin of Phrases
Great site for finding out what a phrase really means. You can also add new phrases or add information to phrases already in the phrase collection.

Andrea Shavick's web site
Author web site. Andrea is an author & poet. The site includes info and links for writers, and publishes visitor's poems.

Great site for the occasional and professional poet. Find rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and more for a particular word.

Modern Fairy Tales
Phil is another author and poet. You will find stories and fairy tales, or you can send her your own fairy tale and she might publish it on her site.

The Bookseller.Com
Information about the book market. Allows you to keep up-to-date what's happening out there and what you should be writing! :-)

Lynn Huggins Cooper

A site full of bugs and fun. Check it out if that's your thing.

Society of Authors
The Society of Authors is a trade union for professional writers with over 7,000 members. Membership services provide individual advice on all of the business aspects of writing, including the vetting of contracts.

Writer's and Artist's Resources

Writers Resources
Site full with links for writers and authors of all types of literature.

Excellent site with lots of very useful information.(You will find yours truly in their Authors Directory.)

Poets & Writers On-line
US writers' and poets' site with information on publishing in the States, contests, resources and workshops.
Valuable teacher resource with in-depth info about authors and illustrators.

CBC The Children's Book Council
This is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to encouraging literacy and the use and enjoyment of children’s books, and is the official sponsor of Young People’s Poetry Week and Children’s Book Week each year. The Council’s Members include U.S. publishers and packagers of trade books for children and young adults.

Bloomsbury Magazine.Com
Bloomsbury's (publisher) writer's area. Lots of information about writing and how to get published.

British Arts a Directory of the Arts in the UK

British Arts a Directory of the Arts in the UK

See my page in the Digital Artist's directory.

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